The History

Dental Implant History

Although minimally invasive dental implant therapy continues to evolve, the original concept was developed in 1994 by Dr. Kenneth L. Halpern. As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon with advanced education in the treatment of the mouth, teeth, face and jaws, the doctors have chosen to focus his efforts on the development of dental implant surgery in Long Island. In an effort to eliminate the swelling, pain and bruising associated with implant dentistry, he developed the minimally invasive method.

At the present time, all of the swelling and bruising, as well as most of the discomfort associated with dental implant placement has been eliminated with the use of these minimally invasive innovations.

Patients requiring dental implants in Long Island should consider the benefits of immediate loading dental implants: elimination of waiting period for the fabrication of the restoration, shorter healing period, and reduced discomfort.

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