Immediate Loading

Conventional Dental Implants

When the original dental implant was developed in 1968 it was erroneously thought that the implant needed to be covered over by gum tissue during the healing phase necessitating two surgical procedures. It was also believed that a tooth for the implant could not be fabricated until it was in place for a minimum of 4 to 8 months following placement. This allowed for the bone to heal for a sufficient time, in order for it to support the tooth.

The gum was then allowed to heal for another several months after the implant was surgically uncovered before the permanent crown was finally fabricated.

The inconvenience of this technique, especially in esthetic areas of the mouth was that it necessitated the wearing of removable dentures during this prolonged period of time, many times for as long as a year.

Minimally Invasive Immediate Loading Dental Implants

After extensive research, it has been found that in most situations the waiting period for tooth fabrication was an unnecessary inconvenience for the patient, not to mention the emotional trauma associated with the wearing of removable dentures over a prolonged period of time.

Before restoration After restoration

Pre-Operative                 Immediately Post-Operatively

The concept of immediate use of dental implants ( immediate loading ) for fabrication of teeth not only eliminates this emotional stigma, but also eliminates the need for a second surgical procedure. The success rate is the same as conventional two surgery implant therapy.

In most cases this advanced technique may be used the very same day that the necessary tooth or teeth are removed, thereby decreasing the healing time to as little as six weeks instead of the usual 6 to 12 months or longer.